Rupa-rupanya Inilah Punca Tesis Lewat Disemak SV

I am a postgrad supervisor and a thesis external/internal examiner. It’s like this.

Reading a thesis or a research proposal is not the most fun thing an evaluator, or a supervisor or a potential supervisor ever does. Because of this alone, evaluating such documents would inevitably invite some serious procrastination. Usually I would really have to force myself to read the thesis/proposal for fear of causing a cruel delay in someone’s study (or life) progression.

So, when I eventually manage to find time and motivation to sit down and read the document, it would help the progress tremendously if it was written well. A sloppily written thesis or proposal is a major turn off for me and would instantly make me lose the motivation to continue reading the next line.

Then, it’s a catch-22 situation from that point on – buka tesis, baca, sedih/annoyed, tutup tesis, feeling guilty, buka tesis, baca, sedih/annoyed, tutup tesis, feeling guilty.. and the cycle goes on and on.. and things would quickly spiral downwards causing more procastination and delay.

So if you find that your supervisor/evaluator is taking an incomprehensibly long time to read, comment on and return your thesis, may be it is worth thinking back and critically reassessing the attractiveness and readability of your thesis.

Cuba teka kenapa saya tulis posting membebel macam ni tengah-tengah malam ni, Ahad malam Isnin?

Yours supervisorly,
12:38 am 19 March 2018.

Sumber asal: DSG

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